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A group of citizen journalists are working to end the isolation of Rukban camp

28 MARCH 2022

They are a small team working inside one of the most inaccessible parts of Syria: Two women and two men, new to journalism, formed Rukban Network (Hesar) in 2021. They are supported from outside by Internews, who have provided remote training and some basic equipment.

For the latest issue of Syria Notes, Rukban Network have produced a set of profiles of their fellow residents, giving a sense of what life is like inside the desert camp. It’s a hard place to survive, in an area under Coalition control, but with cross-border aid stopped by Jordan, and with any UN aid from Damascus blocked by the Assad regime.

Mustafa Abo Shams, who is working with the team, tells us they began by setting up a social centre inside the camp. Internews helped equip them with satellite internet. Rukban Network’s reports are published on social media, and Internews also links them with other organisations, to amplify their voices and help correct misinformation about the camp.

Rukban Network (Hesar) website:
Twitter: @hesar_net
Instagram: @rukbannetwork
Youtube: Hesar channel

Little hands
Douaa was born when her family arrived in Rukban camp.
Daily miracles
Umm Ahmed says Rukban camp has aged her twenty years.